EMPOWER Star of the Week: Ken Nwadike, Free Hugs Project

This week’s EMPOWER Star is changing the world one hug at a time. I came across Ken Nwadike, Jr. when people on Facebook shared videos of him hugging both police officers and protesters during the recent tumultuous Charlotte protests. Nwadike, who is African-American, was playing peacekeeper during a very tense showdown in the streets. He was putting his life at risk to encourage people to see one another as human and deserving of empathy.

According to The Free Hugs Project project, this is “an initiative that spreads love, inspires change and raises awareness of social issues.” He uses videos from different events where he gives out “free hugs” to show love is a greater force than hate. In a climate where racial tension is at a high, Nwadike is empowering people to love and bring about change in a peaceful manner. This is an example more people should follow.