3 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy During The Election

The American Psychological Association (APA) conducted a survey and found that 52% of American adults indicated that the 2016 is a “very or somewhat significant source of stress.” The use of social media according to APA is contributing to increased stress as people read hostile posts and contentious debates. This presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been unusual in many ways so it’s understandable that it’s wreaking havoc on some people’s minds. Here are some tips to stay mentally healthy during the election.

#1 Take a break from election coverage

If you’re feeling stress and anxiety about the election, it might be time to stop reading news, social media and thinking about the election. Take a breather to distance yourself from this stress trigger. Go for a walk, dance, swim, hike or do anything that you will enjoy.

#2 Remember in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of the world

It may feel like electing one person over another will lead to Armageddon, but remember the US government has checks and balances in Congress and with the Supreme Court. It is not a dictatorship. During the campaign season, there’s lots of posturing and bold claims being made but realistically, one president can’t make sweeping changes overnight.

#3 Don’t Get Worked Up Over Someone You Don’t Know

We can get so bent out of shape by politicians and celebrities or in this case celebrities who are politicians and politicians who are celebrities. Anger and loathing are not healthy for anyone and can lead you down the road to bigger mental health issues. If you don’t like someone and you don’t agree with someone’s stance on an issue, don’t let it consume your thoughts and daily life. They don’t know you and aren’t affected by how you feel so you shouldn’t let them affect you negatively.

On November 8th, the election will finally arrive and hopefully, there will be some normalcy restored regardless of who prevails. In the meantime, keep calm and think happy thoughts.

For addition info and tips to reduce your stress and stay sane during the election, read more from APA here.