How Thanking Someone Can Save A Life

The holidays are time when people celebrate family. However for some people it can be a time that is lonely, stressful or painful. Sometimes thanking someone in your life might be the greatest thing you can do to save someone’s life. However I don’t think people realize their true value until someone thanks them. Tell someone how they’ve made an impact in your life. Thank them for doing something special that they may have thought was insignificant but was significant to you.

Showing gratefulness, concern and love is so important. Recently, I’ve had a couple of friends who have posted near suicidal thoughts* on social media. When friends commented and expressed concern that made all the difference in the world. I reached out personally to my friends as well and knowing that my short note to them was an encouragement reminded me I needed to reach out more to others. Let’s make it a habit giving thanks year round.

*If you have a friend who is expressing suicidal thoughts, please encourage them to get help or to contact one of the numbers on our “Resource” page.