Empower Star of the Week: Meghan Markle

Recently, Meghan Markle made headlines for dating Prince Harry. TV audiences have known for years that she’s one of the stars of the hit show, Suits. With the new spotlight on her because of her relationship with royalty, many of trolled her because she is bi-racial. She recently wrote a revealing essay for Elle UK about what it is like to be bi-racial in a world that often tries to define you by boxes that are black or white. She even shares about being told by casting directors that she was not “black” enough for some roles and not “white” enough for others.  Being someone who is Chinese-American, I could relate to the feelings of not being Chinese enough and not being American enough.

She is our Empower Star of the Week for boldly sharing her thoughts on being defined by who you are and not by what others try to call you. We hope it empowers others of mixed ethnic or mixed cultural identity to pave their own way.

Read her essay here.