EMPOWER STAR of the Week: Colts Cheerleader, Leanna

Instead of fighting fire with fire, Indianapolis Colts cheerleader, Leanna, forgave and met with the high school student that used a racial slur on her. She took the opportunity to educate him on why it was unacceptable to use that word. The student expressed regret and apologized. It’s a cautionary tale how hateful words can go viral but also a lesson on how communication and forgiveness can heal divides. Leanna gave us a great example of how to be gracious and how to reconcile with others. Through this act, she has empowered this high school student who made a terrible mistake to educate others on better behavior and choice of words. She can also empower many others to deal with conflict and trolling in a positive manner. For these reasons, Leanna is our Empower Star of the Week.

Read more about what happened here.