A terrorist attack is a traumatic event. When it kills 23 people and injures over 100 people, the impact is felt for miles and for years. Ariana Grande’s concert venue was unfortunately the target of the Manchester, UK attacks on May 22nd. Her fans were the ones physically harmed by the suicide bomber. It was understandable that at the time, Ariana Grande and her team decided to suspend her tour.

This past weekend, Grande staged a benefit concert back in Manchester with some of her celebrity friends like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay and more. It took a lot of resolve for her to do that. More importantly, she and the artists performing helped empower the people to not be afraid and to continue living their lives. When people go through a traumatic event, the recovery time after can be a lonely one. An event like Grande’s concert gave people an opportunity to come together and begin the healing process in community.

Not only did Grande perform at the concert, but she personally visited many of the victims in the hospital. Showing people that they are loved and not forgotten is important. It’s still going to be a long road to recovery for many of the victims and the loved ones of the victims. For many of them, their ponytailed pop idol gave them at least a moment to smile.

Ariana Grande’s World Tour continues and we hope it empowers others to continue with life.