suicide prevention month celebrate life together campaignWe are excited about the launch of the #IFEELALIVE campaign during Suicide Prevention Month in September. It will feature three new PSA videos encouraging people to celebrate life. We’ll also be spotlighting different organizations that are doing great work in the mental health and suicide prevention arenas on our blog.

Here’s how you can be part of our campaign:

#1 Watch and share our PSAs. Here’s the first of three #IFEELALIVE PSAs “Celebrate Life.”

Here’s the 2nd #IFEELALIVE PSA “Together Not Alone” focusing on the Asian American community.

Tweet: Watch & Share this Suicide Prevention PSA http://bit.ly/2bSmuO7 via @lovedblog #IFEELALIVE #celebratelife

Here’s the 3rd #IFEELALIVE PSA about women and suicide

#2 In the month of September, help us trend #IFeelAlive on Twitter and Instagram. For example, you can tweet or post “#IFeelAlive when I’m watching a sunset at the beach” You can post a video or photo include #ifeelalive #suicideprevention at the end

We’ll display select tweets & posts here on our campaign page and repost on our Instagram account.

#3 Use #IFEELALIVE Campaign Toolkit to help bring greater awareness to this issue (Click to see toolkit)

#4 Please check out the websites of our campaign partners who are doing great work in suicide prevention and mental health. They are great resources for learning more about this serious issue and places to get support. We thank them for partnering with us in this campaign.

Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services
The Jed Foundation (JED)
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
Take 5 to Save Lives

If your organization would like to become a partner, please contact Lisa Vega 213-247-3075 or send an email here.

#5 You can share or post this press release on the campaign on any of your blogs or websites.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please reach out to these 24/7 help lines


Crisis Text Line  – Text “START” to 741-741